Sitemap - 2023 - Write More, Be Less Careful

how novelist Carolyn Prusa finds the humor and the heart in her characters' difficult marriage

"I think the creative brain and the caring brain are essentially the same"

let's chat: bad moms and art monsters, or what are you reading?

how poet and essayist Emily Mohn-Slate thinks like an archeologist to pull drafts out of her notebooks

planning party round-up!

"creativity happens not just alongside but within the duties of motherhood"

I love it when a plan comes together (+ a 🎉planning party🎉 invite--this afternoon, 3-4pm eastern!)

how novelist and psychotherapist Yael Goldstein-Love uses her characters' psychology as a portal into writing

it's a 🎉planning party🎉 and you're invited! Sunday, August 27, 3-4pm eastern on zoom

"caring for yourself as a caregiver is a necessary and hard job in today’s world"

how Wolfish author Erica Berry approaches research as "a deeply omnivorous act"

"understand that there will be setbacks but also gifts"

the recovery is as important as the work

thread: what are you working on? (plus a fun giveaway!)

You might never cast off your darknesses.

"any act of making, no matter how small, is valuable and meaningful"

how sculptor Ruth Shafer transforms feelings into art

a poem wants to be built out of things

are you a super genius or a trash raccoon?

no one's going to give you permission

your memories from this day

what does your ambition feel like?

there's no failure in sports

what a mom wants, what a mom needs

I refuse to be intimidated by time

good news about the Very Big Thing

some notes on running away from home

the cruelest month

be honest

discussion thread: how do you leave the door open?

celebrate everything

it is ok to make bad art

497 hours

gentle ghost

when we talk about unconditional love

just trying to grow

let's make a list

I see great things for you in 2023