Sitemap - 2022 - Write More, Be Less Careful

a vision board party to ring in 2023

three questions for the close of the year

don't go blindly into the dark

your brilliant first flop

how to write when your brain is a fried egg

three pages of garbage, let's try it

you cannot make a keepsake of this season

"like babies with hatchets"

recalibrate your risk assessment

October intentions thread: how are you asking for what you need?

ask for what you need

this tornado loves you

change one thing

you must change your life

write with me this fall!

writing through a season of sludge

it's okay if it's hard

counts as writing: an interview with writer & writing teacher Keri Bertino

chaotic too-muchness: an interview + writing exercise from novelist Erin Flanagan

how to write in summer time

make two opposites collide

somehow still keep singing

who cares if you're writing?

back at it

May intentions: take it with you

April 30: count your blessings

April 29: poem #5

April 28: thin slice of joy

April 27: ghost forest

April 26: heliotropism

April 25: anagram name sketch

April 24: possible gifts

April 23: no more small talk

April 22: poem #4

April 21: a restorative wander

April 20: you can't say that

April 19: double daffodil

April 18: let it be kind to you

April 17: find a line and follow it

April 16: signs of spring

April 15: scrap-heap cento

April 14: poem #3

April 13: expanding the frame

April 12: go look at a bird

April 11: facts about the moon

April 10: a little restorative nothing

April 9: poem #2

April 8: the sound a poem makes

April 7: frequently asked questions

April 6: a new route into real things

April 5: small kindnesses

April 4: poem #1

April 3: beneath your feet

April 2: spiraling into the unconscious

April 1: the magnolias are having a hard year

new growth

show your work

sorting through the ashes of rejection

writing through rejection

what Grouchy Goat can teach us about persistence

spend it all

ham flowers & ice cream: a revision prompt

assign yourself

don't call it a resolution

how to make space in a new year