Love the technical writing prompts! Gets the juices flowing ❤️

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Jul 24Liked by Nancy Reddy

Great poem! I used your prompt to look at a prose poem I recently wrote, and realized it hardly had any verbs!! It was more like a list. I added some verbs and it came alive!! Thank you! I live near Madison and I've heard Cynthia read here and there. Love her poetry.

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Wow, this poem knocked my socks off. Thank you for this on a hard-to-get-started Monday morning. 🙏💫🦇

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Jul 26Liked by Nancy Reddy

I am a complete poetry novice, but even just the fragmented two word lines from the shuffle (using nouns and verbs from the wonderful "Notes on A Silencing" by Lacy Crawford) seem either poetic and/or like an ad of some kind:

'Imagine summer

Behold choice

Fly New England

Fail victim

Freeze innocence

Affect relation

Elect sincerity

Fight indifference

Read leaves

Rush party

Choose kiss

Invoke awareness

Settle sky '

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Jul 25Liked by Nancy Reddy

Thank you for this... here’s my response to the prompt... and that gorgeous piece by Cynthia Marie Hoffman... wow!

“Seven Brightnesses”

But then, we weren’t meant to live in total light either. Slam lids against sun, otherwise risk retina as overflow spills from pupil, cornea, lens. Night reaches with sweet dark salvation, graciously distant stars. Here, a small brightness might jump to your thigh and settle where you can pet it while it purrs a slight warmth. Unending day time would claw you raw, isn't safe for your softest underbelly. Place any love under a lit microscope and it swiftly disappears. You see, what I'm trying to say is this. Just this. Earth knew precisely what she was doing in giving us both, bioluminescent squid in the pelagic zone and inky black mushrooms in the drenched forest. It's late. Pull them in. Open your hunger. Pull the darkness in, closer to your bodied self, as you might do with a best friend or a child at midnight. Now wish upon that one distant streak through the sky.

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