What I am proud of about my writing the last couple of months is staying consistent about my "5 things a day" journal prompt that I do each morning, and the regularity and quality of my substack posts.

What I've learned about my writing process these last couple of months is that I work best when I "Breathe In" a number of books, blog posts, and podcasts which allows me to "Breathe out" my best work. If all I'm doing is writing it becomes like a plane going in circles or a dog chasing its own tail. By gaining new and different perspectives, when I do sit down to write, it's got an expansive quality that would otherwise be missing. Also I do my best work "out there", in the world, writing in coffee shops or writing notes from a book into my notebook and then I assemble it into a digital piece of writing.

What I want to work on this fall is to channel almost all of my energy into my substack and keep growing a network of fellow writers. I want it to feel nature and organic, but also well contained like a small front yard garden. To have a well contained and well maintained substack and substack feed where I can gain from other fellow writers, and a dedication to putting my best work into the world if for no other reason than my own joy and satisfaction. I have an unfinished memoir but I'm not ready to commit to finishing that yet. I have re read Mans Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and I would like to get a blog post out into the world as a book review / essay.

Thank you for all of your awesome tips and exercises.

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Your planning meeting sounds great--I won't be able to attend today, but hope to watch the video later! I appreciate this reminder to look back and be proud of the work you have done - and I am happy that I've been able to commit time to write the past few months. Still trying to figure out how to set goals that are inspiring but also attainable within my life's restrictions!

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