Woooooooof, did I need this today. Thank you, Nancy Reddy as always for the inspirational encouragement. I also added The Leaving Season to my little library request form!

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so much goodness packed into this space! grateful :)

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Nancy Reddy

I love these, Nancy, thank you.

They're a moment to stop and take stock of the month that has passed and the month that is to come.

That quote from Jenny Odell ... :-o !!

March has blazed by, which seems to be the theme of the year. I'd like to slow time down a bit. But I think part of the sense of things coming to pass so quickly is that I've slipped into a nice cadence of writing weekly (thanks, Substack!) and that seems to punctuate each week.

For inspiration, it's usually whatever fiction I'm reading that helps guide my thoughts and feelings, provided I'm enjoying the book. Sometimes I return to passages of Haruki Murakami's prose because his dreamlike and often non sequitur manner just infuses something within me.

On memories: I've had an opposite experience just recently of having zero recollection of something from my childhood. I was chatting to my mum and it somehow came up about how I was terrified of these little ornaments in my grandmother's house. I wasn't even that young, but evidently I was traumatised to the extent of deleting the memory!

April goals are to work and finalise two more chapters of a novella I'm serialising, and also (urgh) to get a big grant written and submitted for work.

Wishing you all the best.

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