Write More, Be Less Careful is a newsletter about why writing is hard and how to do it anyway.

It’s an extension of The Up Drafts, the column I previously wrote for PANK, and it continues my obsession with creativity, productivity, writing process, and getting unstuck. At PANK I wrote about how to make an at-home writing retreat, why done is often better than good, and ambition, modesty, and shame.

In Write More, I draw on every smart thing I know about writing from my own writing practice, my years teaching writing, and my research background in writing studies. I also interview experts from outside creative writing - like writing studies scholar Hannah Rule, artist and creativity coach Jessica Abel, and arts consultant Beth Pickens - who can enrich our thinking about how obstacles come up and what strategies we can use to work through them. I’ve recently interviewed great writers including Chloe Benjamin, Erin Flanagan, and Keri Bertino.

You can check out my Bookshop site for a curated selection of great books on writing—and great books that will make you want to write.

About Nancy

I’m a writer and a writing teacher. I’m the author of three books of poetry, most recently Pocket Universe, and the coeditor of The Long Devotion: Poets Writing Motherhood. I’m working on a narrative nonfiction book about the animal experience of early motherhood. I’ve recently written pieces on the damaging mythology of the “golden hour” after birth for Slate and making mom friends for Romper, as well as review-essays on the whiteness of the motherhood memoir and the political nature of motherhood at Electric Literature.

I teach at Stockton University in New Jersey, and I also lead community writing workshops and lifelong learning courses, most recently at the Cooper Street Writing Workshops at Rutgers-Camden, the Stockton Institute for Lifelong Learning, Blue Stoop, and Murphy Writing.

You can find me on twitter (@nancy_reddy) and instagram (@nancy.o.reddy) and read more at my website.

I also write the newsletter good creatures, about the wild history of our ideals around American motherhood.


Nancy Reddy
poet & essayist (next: Pocket Universe, @lsupress 2022; ed.,The Long Devotion: Poets Writing Motherhood, @ugapress 2021) writing teacher, mama, yinzer at heart.